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Jan. 12th, 2009 | 11:00 pm
mood: accomplished
posted by: virginymph in neko_dot

^.^ I actually have a semi-handsome seme. I would glomp him if it wouldn't get my screen dirty. I haven't been attracted to any fictional cg characters yet, but this one I would have to say is actually handsome(the neko, while it has a pretty face has CREEPY ears which won't look good until he stops being bald and hairless) By the way, this isn't a very intimate one regardless of how it seems so. He is decent, and I adore that... he's all Dot's. I don't like my own figments like that and all mary sues should die.

So yeah, I was all like "just give me a miiiike" and my mom was like "yeah, we should have one on the bookshelf." My voice over problems are solved. Should find him a name.... I'm pretty sure his last name is Lovelace, I'm just not sure for a first name. I'm leaning towards something Japanese with two or three sylables. Rafu maybe. I just need something that won't clash with my texan/barbadian/jamaican accent thing I've got going on. I can pronounce Rafu with either a y or an african sounding pronounciation. Maybe Trinh which is famously vietnamese. Sadly, it means pure. That may be made up, but I like it. It's the name of a japanese composer who is sufficiently tolerated if not loved a little, by the government. Like all the seventies anti-war band that the old republicans like to listen to.

Here's my two versions. The only difference is the the shininess. :D

Yeah, he's bald. And yeah, his head is flat and odd looking. Still, tres mignon though. :D Look at those lips baby, earlier they were so so, and at some point horrifying. Now that they've improved the top half of the head looks bad. It's like I'm improving exponentially so once i finish the top half, I need to work on the bottom half, then back to the top, then back to the bottom... bleh.

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