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a random guy who looks kind of cool and the seme maybe

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Jan. 12th, 2009 | 01:12 am
mood: tired tired
posted by: virginymph in neko_dot

I've attempted editing the seme some more, it is needed. He's got ears at least now, I've also started on the torso, but It's pointless to depict it in this post at the stage it's at.

I'm not sure to go with a thin-lipped seme:

or a medium lipped seme

I also ended up making a large lipped seme who I may use if I need a mob boss or a character like that.

I may just go for something between 2 and 3 for my final character. I hate the medium lipped seme's chin, but it's easierto remodel the chin than the entire face. I need to do something with the cheek to create some of the contrast you see on the third one. Right now I'm hoping that I can just make his cheeks hollow out more when he talks.

The face of the most final version actually looks a little different than the one in the middle. I changed the eyes, the nose and the chin cleft. I don't know how I'm getting dimples.

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