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Jan. 28th, 2009 | 10:53 pm
posted by: virginymph in neko_dot

Well, I've made the render images bigger. The quality would be a lot better. I also have a black version and a white version that I'll use for the actual uke. The racial issues are complicated, but basically I am black, regardless of the icon. I wasn't good at phototshop when I took the image for my sight. There's the whole nymph/fairy theme going on with my name and all. Point is, I needed a background babe, so I made a black one with a nice golden ambient color.

You notice the nose and lips are way too small? Well I think I'm going to make another version of this with all my flags on it. Jamaica/Barbados on the sides, and America and Israel in the eyes to fill up the holes. An MII (m2) somewhere too.

There will be black characters. I'll have a crazy character who will be my mary sue which are usually bad, but in writing more so than cg. I'm only writing down a part of my personality. The ecchi/eccentric part (though not really eccentric since my friend Enrique called eccentric basically rich person + cocaine and I am neither)

Now here is the real uke full force

Yeah, same dude. Are you seeing a certain trend in my style though. He's starting to look like a man with bow-shaped lips

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