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Dec. 15th, 2008 | 01:36 am
posted by: virginymph in neko_dot

For each of these that I create may I get a violent kick in the butt.
  1. skin the color of the ears on the entire body (it makes it look like either the ears aren't furry, like elf ears or that all the skin is furry depending on if the color used is closest to being flesh toned or fur toned)
  2. two colored eyes (typically a cat trait, but still strange on a human. The ears are already pushing it. I'm making a sex symbol here! I may recant this one, but only once)
  3. orange skin (even though oompa loompas are sexy, no. This bit of yaoi will have black people though)
  4. furries (I'm not a big fan of violating the housecat, right?)
  5. too small of ears (not neko enough for me really, nekos are so cute and small ears look elfish and somehow don't make me immediately think "neko", but "human with fake ears")
  6. phong skin (it's not semitransluscent enough babe, as it turns out mental ray can render hair if I use a production quality renderer)
  7. copious black eyeliner (I think people do this so that the eyes look all intense and catty. It looks goth and not at all cute. It's overdone in CG)
  8. black eyeliner on men (Black eyeliner on men belongs on emos only darndit, and unless a character is about to slit his wrists it's not happening!)
  9. for the love of god - whiskers ACCURSED WHISKERS (I have no cat fetish whatsoever. I don't look at a cat and think "Sexy". I'm just making a really cute human with tail and cat ears.)
  10. generally anything that looks inhuman excluding ears/tail and a few other things
    • six nipples
    • entire mouth of really sharp teeth
    • cat's eyes
    • real paws
    • furry butt
Yeah... that seems to be it for now


bald pssy- in a pg way

Dec. 15th, 2008 | 01:01 am
mood: accomplished
posted by: virginymph in neko_dot

damn, no author. I even multiposted. But w/e, there's no more hope for me. I'm even willing to do the indents and possibly challenging things like that. O.O khelp mi

But that's not why I came here darnit!!!! I came to show yo peeps my uv'd 2009'd version of my neko head. The inside of the ears are pink and the creepiness is less obvious. MUTANTS!!! MUTANTS!!! it's hard, knowing my little bambino's going to be heart broken and at best sodomized. All for thy unknowing fans though, all.

I do sometimes wonder how that other one came out with a transparent background -.O
But yeah, maya 2009 is a birch!!! It just wouldn't stop CRASHING!!! I've somehow gotten around it all though.
...so I guess 2009 is a lot better in some ways and still worth having almost good enough to get a new comoputer to properly render with even, couldn't render smooth mesh preview before and all. But I sense a maya 2009.5 or something like that happening soon.

Oh, and i found a picture on deviant art called nekodot.bmp when i was searching to see where this journal fits in google. As it turns out it comes first when someone searches for neko dot and nowhere apparent when someone searches for neko or dot seperately. I'm content with it's progress -especially considering those initial glitches with the new maya- except for not really finding an author *cry*


little piggy final

Dec. 13th, 2008 | 12:47 pm
mood: hum didery hum didery
posted by: virginymph in neko_dot

This thing looks weird.... Cat ears on a human are freaky in real life. I'm not sure how this thing are going to look cute. I'm hoping that after I make the inside of the ears pink and the All I know is that I have to give this thing some hair... right now he's just not too cute...He may need a bigger forehead too. But is it cute? yes? no? nvmd, no one's watching this. grrr. And the floating head thing's kind of *eh* but it's progress. Needs eyes and I'm not sure how to do eyelids :< a bump map will be easier now though. I wonder if obj files can be saved in triangles and squares....


woot organization

Dec. 5th, 2008 | 09:44 am
mood: aggravated aggravated
posted by: virginymph in neko_dot

This picture was made with a horrible graphics card, and it hasn't gone through zbrush yet, which i'm getting a tutorial for as we speak, or have it's ears, or it's shading. Hell, it has maybe 400 faces, so it's video game quality right now. I'm just glad i'm getting better at modeling. I was too ashamed of putting my first version on this, but that thing has triangles, so I wouldn't be able to use if even if I wanted to. But I have the perfect color for the hair root I think and the head is modeled. In case you are looking at the time i made the title, please realize that I have don't other things except for modeling a head. I've modeled both the seme and his sister. The picture is of the uke. It looked cool from that angle so, eh. His skin is not going to be that pale though, and I may change his hair to a blonde that turns the above color gradually, and then turns black sharply to keep with the whole jaguar theme. His eyes are purple/gold. I think I'll toss in a few freckles across the nose, light ones. though i like the bamgs as they are. I think I'm going to ask for a screenwriter on a few sites about lj. Of course, they'd have to promise to a.) not give out the plot, b.) not expect results for about a year, and c.)follow the designated while extremely vague plotline(I have this round character defined). What do they get for all their sweat? nada. As long as I get nothing they get nothing. So since I'm getting nothing so will the screenwriter. I'm the producer pre and post, the director, and some level I'm was also the main screenwriter, but I have trouble writing things down like that. And damned if I don't need things like that to be organized. I refuse to waste my time. And I know that if i depended on myself I would waste my time. Honestly, I don't trust my writing abilities. Well, excuse me while I go spam some yaoi sites. Aff, fictionpress,lj, and probably y-gallery


kya, first brag

Oct. 10th, 2008 | 09:06 am
mood: accomplished
posted by: virginymph in neko_dot

okay, so I made a title with maya toon. first decent looking thing but I'm having a hard time getting it animated. :< looks like it's tutorial time once again.