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neko_dot's Journal

Neko Dot Production LJ
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This is the bragging community for neko dot, along with, eventually, a link page for the movies
This is my page where I put up everything I learnt in the process of making Neko Dot. With Little Girl Without a Scanner Productions.

Everything's here is copyrighted so don't you dare steal for profit. And everything free for anything nonprofit. Oh, and any links you follow from this site may not be pg. It may even have bukakke for girls. Yes, that's right, tears all over a guy's face. An abundant insane amount of tears. kyu. So yeah, links off this site will be pg-13. Eventually i may find it necessary to lead you to a random porn site, like the homoerotic centurian thing I saw the other day. The legs are human, and the man with four legs and two arms was wearing shorts. So that would be rated for older teens 16 and up who won't look at such a thing and be persuaded in that direction. But none of that would be here, so don't worry. This site's for bragging. My entire development. In all. Missing nothing. As with all 3d things expect an actual production in about three years.